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The Complete (Outfit) Package
Extra Diapers
Wet Bag + Wipes
Autographie™ Strap
Compact Roll

Baby Valet™ was designed by a mom ... and it shows.

Parents need pampering, too

The super soft exterior and luxe interior makes Baby Valet™ a small luxury all parents deserve.

Mom-brain might be a thing

And we’re OK with that. The labeled bands make packing Baby Valet™ a no-brainer.

Hairbands now have a home

And it's not your wrist! The Accessories band makes it easy to keep track of the littlest of things..

One mother of a multi-tasker

Anything in the diaper bag, better be ready to pull its weight. Baby Valet™ isn’t just for clean clothes. The built-in wet bag and wipes pouch take care of the dirty stuff, too.

The strap is also a name tag

Multi-tasking for the win. You can label with a washable marker or laundry pen.

Ready for hands-free

Hang in there! Baby Valet™ allows you to enjoy hands-free access to all the essentials during change time.

You'll feel like a superhero

When things get messy, and they will, imagine that moment when you unroll a fully-stocked Baby Valet™, with everything you need, and realize that you are totally crushing it.

Infinitely useful. For newborn to size 5T.


A baby product that changes with baby.

What you pack in your Baby Valet™ will change depending on what “messy milestone” your little one is currently mastering.