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Baby Valet® is patented and trademarked.

Baby Valet has been our passion, and pleasure, to design and manufacture.

Through multiple prototypes (and blowouts, puddle jumps and ice cream moments) we worked to design the perfect clothes organizer and wet bag.

Baby Valet is unique; there is nothing else like it on the market. We would like to keep it that way, and will take steps to protect our intellectual property and brand. We have implemented security measures in our product that will enable us, and the authorities, to identify and prevent counterfeit and potentially unsafe products from reaching customers.

Baby Valet is only available for retail from If you become aware of other retailers purporting to sell Baby Valet then please email us at

Our Patents

US D853117, CN304604932S, EU 004537009-0001

Our Registered Trademarks

US 5807342, EU 012589941, CN 27483417