The Earlybird Blue Story

As a new mom, there was probably only one thing that irked Julie more than forgetting to pack something in the diaper bag, and that was the chore of actually packing the diaper bag. You can probably see where this is going...

As it would be, Julie found herself at a German Christmas Market, dealing with a massive diaper blowout, when she realizes her dutifully packed diaper bag has fallen short—there are no extra socks. Kind of an important detail when you’re at an outdoor event, in Cologne, in December. Luckily, she had some extra mittens (as you do?) and all was fine.

But not really. This parenting fail just made the whole faff of packing the diaper bag more annoying. If she was going to put in the effort, she wanted results!

And voila, Baby Valet™ is born

But it wasn't just about extra clothes...

It was about having the confidence that her family was ready and prepared for a fun day out. It was that feeling of having something, a little bit special, that was designed just to make her life easier. It wasn’t for her kids. It was for her. Packing extra clothes no longer felt like a chore. She actually started to enjoy it. If that’s even possible?! 

But the greatest impact she felt was the joy, the giggles, the memories, and unbelievable adventures made possible by using Baby Valet™.

This freedom to just be in the moment and embrace the joys of childhood is what she wants to share with other moms, dads, and families. With her husband’s support, she set about launching her business, Earlybird Blue™, and getting Baby Valet™ manufactured. She hopes other families enjoy using Baby Valet™ as much as her family does.  

The Muddy Puddles Project

Julie was searching for some messy fun adventures for her three boys when she came across The Muddy Puddles Project. Created in honor of Ty, a forever 5 year old, who dreamed of one day beating childhood cancer and jumping in muddy puddles, their mission is to celebrate the joys of childhood in honor of those who can’t.

She was touched by Ty’s story and inspired by the incredible strength and love shown by his mom, Cindy Campbell, in starting the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation and The Muddy Puddles Project.

She pored over their website, the instagram feeds, the facebook posts, and this particular blog post struck her. It was just so raw and full of love. Sat at her computer, doing an ugly cry, Julie decided she had to do something to help. Each Baby Valet package includes a message about The Muddy Puddles Project and a portion of proceeds will be donated to the foundation.

Visit Muddy Puddles Project for more information

Sofia Foundation of Children’s Safety

Forgetting socks is one thing. But a baby? That seems unimaginable. Turns out, there are many cases where a parent or care giver unknowingly leaves a child in a car. This is hard to imagine, and no one ever expects it to happen to them, which is exactly why it keeps happening.

Julie stumbled across this article about a mom who started The Sofia Foundation of Children’s Safety to raise awareness about hot car deaths and promote a habit based solution.

Bag in the Back™ is the simple habit that could save your child’s life. Every time you drive, put an essential item, something you’d have to return to the car to continue your day—a phone, laptop, ID badge, purse/wallet—in the backseat. Safe habits save lives.

Each Baby Valet™ package contains a card highlighting this important habit.   

For more information please visit the Bag in the Back site.

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