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7 Other Uses for Disposable Diapers | Baby Valet Outfit Organizer | The Blog

Diapers aren’t just for poop, anymore.

Once you start using baby wipes, you may wonder how you ever got by without. It’s not surprising, baby wipes are infinitely useful and readily available, especially around babies. But there is another dis- posable convenience of babydom that we think deserves a little spot- light too. The disposable diaper! Until now, the lowly diaper has really gotten the bum end of the deal! (OK, sorry, could NOT resist! No more bad puns, I promise.) I intend to change that. Here are 7 other uses for disposable diapers.

Ear Pain Relief.

How did calling something a Pain-In-The-A** become a thing? Pain-in-the-Ear should be the ultimate insult. Because ear pain is no joke. I wanted to rip my ear off with my latest ear infection. But luckily, my little diaper friend helped ease my pain. All you have to do is unfurl a fresh disposable diaper and pour really hot water into the diaper. I use boiling water myself, but I like it really hot. Create a tent of steamy warmth around your ear and hopefully get a little relief from the pain. If both ears are hurting, you can use the straps to fasten them together.

I’ve used those cloth heat packs you warm in the microwave, but this diaper trick delivers a moist heat that can’t be beat! This would also be helpful on an airplane, if you don’t mind looking ridiculous in public. WATCHOUT: Make sure you test the temperature before using, especially with kids!

Another reason to pack way more diapers than you expect to need, especially on a flight, is for catching vomit. I learned this parenting hack the hard way. Flying on an international flight, by myself, while pregnant, with a vomiting toddler, I quickly learned that sick bags weren’t going to work. I needed a big target that could easily absorb liquid, and be held in one hand while I held my toddler in the other. Of course, this is all going down just after take-o, when seatbelt lights are still on, so it’s not like we can go to the lavatory. Luckily the fresh open diaper provided the perfect vomit receptacle. My son didn’t mind me holding a fresh diaper close to his face like he did with the sick bag. And when you’re done, the soft edges (if still clean) are perfect for wiping the mouth. Roll up and secure with the tabs like you would a stinky diaper.

Make-Shift Mop

It will happen at some point. You’ll be in a public place and there will be a spill or a pee-puddle that you’ll have to clean-up. This can be tricky especially if you are by yourself and can’t leave the spill unattended lest someone should slip on it. So, you may have to improvise. Luckily, a diaper makes a pretty good makeshift mop. The trick is to move it around slowly to allow it time to absorb the liquid.


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