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Extra clothes, diapers, wipes + wet bag in one extra easy roll

Easy to PACK

Forget trying to remember everything! Know at-a-glance you’ve packed a complete outfit thanks to the labeled bands.

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Easy to STASH

No need to go out without. The compact roll fits anywhere and goes everywhere. Stash in the car, the stroller, your bag, their backpack, a suitcase, or carry on its own.  

Stash Away

Easy to USE

The days of digging through the diaper bag are done! Simply retrieve your Baby Valet, unroll, and enjoy easy access during change time—either hanging or laying flat.

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Easy to WASH

Designed to make parents’ lives easier. Baby Valet is 100% machine washable. Toss in with the rest of the laundry and hang dry. 

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Easy to ENJOY

Let them have their pasghetti, and eat it too! It’s easy to embrace those moments of childhood, however messy, when you’re ready with extra clothes, a wet bag and built-in wipes pouch.

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Easy to GIVE

Unsure about size, gender, or gear they already have? Baby Valet is stylish, infinitely practical, and lasts from newborn to size 5T clothes so it makes a perfect new baby gift.

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An Original + Award-Winning Design

Hey there, I'm Julie!

Mom of three boys and inventor of Baby Valet. As a new mom, I struggled to keep myself and my diaper bag organized. Find out how a disasterous diaper blowout led me to create Baby Valet.

Our Story

Are you thinking what we think you're thinking?

What makes Baby Valet™ different from wet bags?

Baby Valet™ is not just a wet bag­­─it's a dedicated outfit organizer. Labeled elastic bands to keep clothes arranged and easy to find. Baby Valet™ also has an integrated wipes pouch, and is easy to label with the write-on Autographie™ snap strap.Baby Valet™ is designed to be rolled and carried on its own or in a bag.

What sized clothes fit in Baby Valet™?

Baby Valet™ is designed to grow with your child. The bands can accommodate most newborn to size 5T clothes. Different articles of clothing have different thicknesses so some may fit more snuggly than others. 

How big is Baby Valet™ when rolled?

It really depends on what is packed inside. The roll itself is 11" tall and roughly between 12–15" circumference when rolled.

Will Baby Valet™ fit in my child's preschool cubby?

At only 11" long, it should fit in most cubbies. Since the clothes are being rolled, it can offer space savings as well. Baby Valet is very versatile in that it can be stored lying flat, standing up, or hung on a peg.

Does Baby Valet™ compress clothes?

Yes, you can definitely compress the clothes as you roll to make a more compact roll. Without it, the same items would take up a lot more space. 

What kind of marker can I use on the Autographie™ snap strap?

You can use any permanent marker to personalize your Baby Valet. If you have a laundry marker, it might resist fading in the wash better.

Can Baby Valet™ be re-rolled once the wet bag is used?

Yes, but it all depends on what you’re storing in your Baby Valet.

If you still have mostly clean clothes, you may prefer to re-roll your Baby Valet.

In this case, we suggest flipping the elastic band so the white side is visible alerting you that your Baby Valet needs to be refreshed.

If you have mostly soiled clothes, you may find doing the half-fold easier.

Simply loop the elastic closure through the hanging loop to secure in a half-fold.

Will Baby Valet™ keep smells contained?

The PEVA waterproof liner in Baby Valet™ is constructed using sealed seam technology. So smells and moisture stay zipped in.

How do I clean my Baby Valet™?

Good question! Since Baby Valet is designed to make your life easier, it was important to us that it be machine washable. Baby Valet is 100% machine washable but it DOES NOT go in the dryer. Please Dry Flat or Line Dry your Baby Valet.  

Does it take long to pack Baby Valet™?

We find using Baby Valet™ makes packing extra clothes quicker and easier. How? The labeled elastic bands really make packing Baby Valet™ a no-brainer. Even in a sleep deprived fog or being constantly interrupted, you'll be able to quickly see what you already have and what you still need to pack. Never forgetting socks again! 

When should I use my Baby Valet™?

We believe once you start using Baby Valet™, you'll want to use it more and more. It's not just for the unplanned oopsies or poopsies. Baby Valet™ is great for swimming lessons, ballet class, gymnastics practice, Martial Arts class, sports, and travel.

Would Baby Valet™ be good for a baby shower?

Baby Valet™ is a thoughtful & unique baby shower gift. It's gender neutral and you can never have too many, at least we think so! Plus, babies grow so fast, it's nice to give a gift you know will get used and grow with baby.

Is there a version of this for adults?

We thought you'd never ask! It's in the works! If you'd like to register your interest and maybe even score a prototype to test, email